Hello and welcome to my world!

Like a whole bunch of songwriters I’ve met and heard from, my love for music happened somewhere between the influences of my dad and mom’s families. Dad’s family was always huddled around a piano singing Irish songs and ditty’s whenever they got together and on my mother’s side I had my guitar, mandolin playing and singing grandpa that came to America from Italy with his songs and influence. Grandpa Fatta gave me my first guitar… I was 8 and I was hooked!
Since then and until now I’ve been writing songs, recording and performing with a variety of bands generally on the East coast from New York to Key West… In between I had to slow the process down a bit becoming a collision man, a mechanic, worked as a carpenter became a music store junky repairing guitars, violins and pianos, did a short stint running a hotel in Key West, worked security for Rolling Stones, AC/DC concerts whatever it took to feed two little mouths and raise a beautiful family with my wife Jayne (who’s worked harder than me at holding things together). I started and advertising agency and settled in as a creative director and copy writer for too many years working on too many to mention local, regional and National advertising campaigns out of Western New York…. One of those campaigns brought me to Nashville and opened my eyes to what I believe is the greatest music city in America. If you haven’t gone there you should, its jam packed with talent and just like that guitar my grandpa gave me, I’m hooked.

Since that introduction to Nashville I’ve begun scratching the surface of the Nashville scene with performances at the Bluebird Café, The Commodore Grille, the Indigo Room and the Nashville Palace. As a result I have been invited participate in upcoming songwriter rounds and solo performances that I will include and update as they occur.

This is where it begins….welcome to my journey.

As a songwriter I’ve written in a variety of musical styles – pop, rock, country, jazz, folk fusion and Americana, not deliberately to be diverse but because the song seemed to dictate it. In the past I’ve written to accommodate my voice and range however it’s just as gratifying (many times more so) to hear another person singing something I’ve written and I will include some of those interpretations for your ears as well.

On this site what is most important to me is the song…I invite you to listen and follow my progress as I try to keep things current. Above all I hope you like what you hear, encourage your interest and welcome your response…..

God Bless, Bob